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Winter 2010 - “Fashion Instrument : Play Me”.

Fashion is the instrument in Alessa’s 2010 Winter Collection.

Musical instruments go from a supporting role to lead characters and are superstars on the runway.

Volume and Balance

Designs with pleats and moulage drapes bring movement and rhythm to the prints. The waist is clearly defined. Chanel-style coats contrast with the Rock ‘n’ Roll style of the perfect jacket.

Musical Notes

This season’s hit fabrics include satin, silk crepe, cotton and knit wool.

Harmony and Tone

The prints race are: Piano, Score, Electric Guitar, Guitar, LP, CD, Cover, Sequins, Art (paintings inspired by musical instruments) and Sax.

Local stamps add a tone of sophisticated tromp d’oeil: Sax, Violin, Electric Guitar, Guitar, Microphone, cubist art by Picasso, all inspired on musical instruments.

Compositions and Lyrics

T-shirts encrusted with crystal lyrics sing out: God is a Girl, Play Me, When a Man Loves a Woman, Play it Again, Sambaholic, all created by the Petropolis Fashion Team.


Embroideries are orchestrated with sequins designed in the shape of guitar picks and piano keys, covering the entire piece. Mini-sequins bring a sparkle to the saxophone print, tube beads cover the strings of the guitar and a patchwork of embroidery enhances the cubist print design of the guitar, developed by the Niteroi Fashion Team of Erika Facuri. Crystals bring a touch of sophisticated glamour to the LP’s.

Do, Ré, Mi, Fá Sol, Lá, Si, ...

Tiê Lingerie, from the Friburgo Fashion Team, has created the collection’s outwear lingerie using the collection's musical prints.


Accessories of piano keys, guitar picks and clef pendants; a string of accessories featuring the collection’s prints. Multicolored necklaces compose accessories, dresses and vests. Colored LP’s choreograph a mosaic of accessories. Printed mini-belts enhance the waist.

The Stage

Suede boots with maxi platform heels are transformed into feminine pedestals.

Bravo! Play It Again!

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